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Business of Radiology: Marketing

Published on the Feb. 27, 2015, DiagnosticImaging.com website

Editor’s Note: It’s no longer enough for radiologists to be imaging experts. Health care is becoming big business and radiologists need to understand how to navigate the system. Diagnostic Imaging’s Business of Radiology series provides radiologists with the business education they need to succeed. 

By Whitney L.J. Howell

Ask any of your peers, and they’ll likely agree – health care as you’ve known it is changing. The patient population has ballooned under the Affordable Care Act. Larger practices and health systems are gobbling up competitors. And, reimbursement dollars are tighter. It’s never been more important to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Maybe you’ve had a marketing plan for years. Maybe the concept is new to you. Either way, industry experts said, it’s a crucial – and mandatory part – of maintaining a successful radiology practice.

“Radiologists are continuously marketing themselves, whether they recognize it or not. We are at a critical crossroads in our profession, with health care reform and dramatic changes in the health care industry,” Reginald Munden, MD, DMD, MBA, chair of the Houston Methodist Hospital radiology department, wrote in the February Journal of the American College of Radiology. “Radiologic services are in the crosshairs because of the expenses to patients, hospitals, and third-party payers. Perhaps we have done a poor job of marketing ourselves and our profession.”

That’s why, he said, radiologists must improve their marketing for the specialty to survive and flourish.

To read the remainder of the article at its original location: http://www.diagnosticimaging.com/articles/business-radiology-marketing?GUID=EF943FEE-BD0C-44C7-A1BC-C82F32210979&XGUID=&rememberme=1&ts=27022015


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